In Search Of Purity!!


In search of Purity!!

It will not be wrong to believe that satan and god reside together to be more precise agar bhagwaan hai to shaitaan bhi hai –in fact these characters make us realize the good and bad—and this is where the whole problem starts —the mind starts to function in speed in human species this DUAL CHARACTER is embedded  till the gravity can pull to its maximum—-In fact  this statement may not leave one stunned because this is something which is common to all knowledge holders—most humans use the satanic character to its optimum—the offshoots being hatred , jealousy ,competition ,cut throatism ,back biting  and the list could go on endlessly—this has an impact on ones behaviour it reflects on ones personality however much one may try to hide the natural high definition reflector that is our face gives away everything  only to those who are not empowered by the satanic characters —therefore —-ones true feelings are difficult to hide —the total body language reflects such notions—such kind of people are known as complexed personalities who lack confidence and gut both—-however much the negative may be powerful but not more than the positive—its the power of positive where you decide to be in a state of mind where the negative holds least importance–its a state of realization—and the whole view changes—the life becomes beautiful ,relationships become  pure FOR SURE—it becomes difficult to find faults —humbleness presides humility resides—the soul is satisfied—and the worlds become a better place to live in —-the WORLDS—meaning the mayaavi world and the heavenly world—I AM ON MY WAY—-SEARCHING FOR PURITY


Art For Home…


The Ganpati Under The Sun Painted By Lorraine!

“What I dream of is an Art of Balance, of purity, of tranquillity… a soothing, calming influence on mind… “- Henri Matisse (a French artist, known for his use of colour and his fluid and original draughtsmanship)

The Art that hangs on the walls of our houses and workplaces not only decorate the place or depict our persona but also influence our lifestyle. And hence we should have some insight as to how to brighten up our space. Today I write unto my best knowledge the few points I picked up on the way through my long journey of colours and brushes.

Ornamentation is the act of honouring!!

  • Only add items if you find them beautiful,useful or comforting. Avoid harsh cruel paintings in the house. A scene of war and desolation where as maybe a strong projection of art but is not good for the home or office environment according to Vastu Shastra or Fang Shui.
  • The pictures of sea and ocean bring tranquility. However a stormy sea at home might make some people agitated! Waterfalls might be a painters delight but are not home-friendly art!!
  • The painted head of Buddha always brings peace and harmony to the house. It should be placed such that it is the centre of focus as soon as a person enters the house..
  • A sitting posture of the Buddha in Padmasan under a Banyan Tree should be placed behind the bed in the room of people above 50 years of age to create a serene and tranquil ambience.
  • Horses are a sign of energy and should be a part of decoration for people above 20 years of age. It’s associated with motivation, diligence, power and success. And hence also makes a good office decoration.
  • Rising sun should absolutely be a part of bedroom of children above 3 years of age. It’s a sign of boldness, concentration, discipline, unending energy, warmth and growth. The different shades of sun also depict the rise and fall and hence the various aspects of life. It is a warm decoration suitable for your office space reminding you constantly that every fall is followed by a rise.
  • Trees are a depiction of prosperity, calmness, growth and abundance. This could very well be a part of the drawing room, specially with a sun in the background could do wonders to your complete living. Specially the banyan tree is considered auspicious for any room of the house.
  • Paintings related to abandoned buildings or monuments, old people with hollow eyes might look philosophically rich to the eyes but should be a complete no-no inside the house. They are more apt for art galleries.
  • Paintings related to mythology  of any religion are apt for the Living room or a place where the family generally sits together or place of Worship.
  • Paintings related to Flora and Fauna are apt for the rooms of bubbling teenagers, for they create an ambience of infinite energy. However, reptilian creature and carnivorous animals, also cacti and thorny bushes are only good for museums and art galleries and not a homely environment.
  • Warm colourful paintings in the bedroom should be encouraged. Specially the use of oranges, greens and blues. Greens for the dining room bring good health. Blue and white for Drawing room, and kid’s rooms should be generally yellow or shades of red. Kitchens can be multicoloured to bring good appetite. Washrooms peach or cream or Mughal green!

All said and done each colour depicts the mood of God! It is just the way we look at it!

Let there be Light and Prosperity in your homes…

Insha Allah!!

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The Light Of My Life!!



She came in my life, Like a flake of ice.

She chilled my soul and gave warmth to my eyes…

She is like a sunrise, God’s humble surprise.

A VIBGYOR-ical vibrant delight,

She came into my life with all her might!

Her sparkling eyes would make my heart rise,

Her giggling laughter is like cascading waters.

She’s like a soft breeze, right out of the most fragrant trees!

She’s pure and demure … So graceful!-

Who could leave everyone in an awe!

She’s the rhythm of the Elements,

Down to earth like Mother Earth!!

Serene as a sky, Energetic like fire,

Playful as the rippling waters,

As smooth as the morning breeze,

Yet she takes her life with ease…

As brilliant as a sapphire,

Yes she’s a flyer…

A symphony of the Vedic chants,

It’s mesmerising when the Mantras she chants,

A God’s blessing in disguise,

A gift of God for me, she’s a surprise… 

She’s the sparkle of my eyes,

Her smile can make me run miles,

My son’s choice, God’s own voice,

She’s ours by our own choice,

She’s the daughter of two Rishis,

Behold that’s Arushi !!

By Lorraine

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Started To Believe in Myself

I don't have the picture of the original painting which went to Mr. Schindia however I made this one in the sweet memory of the beautiful city of Dehradun...

I don’t have the picture of the original painting which went to Mr. Schindia however I made this one in the sweet memory of the beautiful city of Dehradun…

Welham Girls School had a beautiful art gallery, in fact it was really inspiring –very professional with no compromise on quality of any kind of art material ,it was a  pleasure to be in a session of paintings with Mrs Dhingra who  qualified fine arts from  SIR JJ SCHOOL OF ARTS, MUMBAI  –with huge lay outs of canvas and a mind full of artistic ideas all in the nostalgic surroundings of one of the most beautiful valleys of Dehradun art saw no boundaries-EACH CANVAS THAT WAS PAINTED BY ME OR MY FRIENDS WAS IN NO WAY LESS THAN A PROFESSIONAL IN OUR OWN RIGHTS-at the end of year we had our founders day where the elite of the country floated around the campus —it was during this time that an exhibition was presented for the guests, to buy the arts and crafts done by the students—to my surprise my first painting of roses in white and yellow  three feet by two feet was bought by none other than Late  Madhav Rao Scindia, the then minister  and my classmate Chitrangada  Raje Scindia`s father—though the money went to the charity funds of the school—but who cares for money –all I  felt was important –and an ARTIST—YOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!——I HAD UNCONCIOUSLY PAVED MY WAY.

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!!!—-I   will take you to a beautiful place today     —SAMUDRA  i asked-ALMOST came the reply  from my husband its a sea of emotions  .I    really did not understand what he meant but got ready to go–we drove through the most amazing coconut and palm groves and coming across some  real Andhraites almost like ROCKETS on their bikes with lungis folded half way with fashionable reflectors on their eyes leaving everyone to believe that the scorching sun was up above the world so high  !!!!! SOUTH IS INDEED SO WONDERFUL —a delight to the eyes with greens and browns at their best ,what overwhelmed me was the cleanliness–THREE CHEERS TO THE SOUTH INDIANS FOR KEEPING THE MOTHER EARTH IN ITS BEST FORM–after a mind refreshing drive we came to a halt ,in front of a house surrounded by huge aged coconut trees, it was a normal looking big house  but the moment i stepped out of the clutches of formality of the official staff car i was amazed at the magnetic powers and pull in the place ,as i started to move towards the inside of this building I  was shell struck to see that all the residents were senior citizens of all ages above the line drawn for being a senior citizen –some looked healthy others tried to look healthy –each had a story to tell in their eyes and their lips as if ready to burst with their tales, as if saying anybody ready to hear us-I kept walking to find my self in front of an enigmatic—a mark of absolute form of purity–with an expression of humbleness and acceptance  in its eyes–this statue of a lady with open arms even though in stone it had a mesmerising impact on the mind–just above the statue  was inscribed –A HALT BEFORE THE FINAL REST–A LIGHTENING STRUCK MY MIND IS IT AN OLD AGE HOME–all my feelings got paralysed ,it was not a sea of emotions but it was an emotional sabotage  –is the new generation so weak  or adjustments have become impossible –and all this while i thought that impossible was the word found in the dictionary off–i really do not know when tears started to roll down my eyes–while coming back i kept thinking to my self about those multiple eyes each wanting to yell out their story—i wondered if any canvas or any brush could bring THAT expression—it was a difficult imagination–the human hands would not be able to do it but the human heart could—-with a little love and UNDERSTANDING—–GOD BLESS YOU ALL BHAGWAN AAP LOGON KI RAKSHA KARE—TODAY I ALSO WANT TO THANK MY DAUGHTER ARUSHI WHO HAS LITERALLY MOTIVATED ME INTO WRITING MY EXPERIENCES WITH A LOT OF PAMPERING THANK YOU BETI—BHAGWAAN AAPKI RAKSHA KARE—YOU ARE A GOOD HUMAN BEING

The Beginning



It was inborn… It din’t take much time… So when I splashed my first paint as a 3 year old it was shear delight. Whatever came of that splash on the brown paper pinned to the wall was not known to me, but my Bengali teachers from Shantiniketan’s motivating appreciation made me feel so Important. I already felt like an artist. It was since then that I longed to go to my Art Classes and play with the colourful powder mixed in aluminium bowls.. As far as, the paint and the brushes went there were no boundaries, no “don’t do it”, no uniform, no ground ,no roof… It was just Color and a sweet, smiling, Bengali accented Ms. Bhattacharya, who was an authentic bachelor now at the age of 50 saying, “C’mon, finish these paints Loren.. we have to refill them!” Every class was a Holi. It was a total detachment even then from the other classes we had to go to. Even from my Anglo Indian matron Ms. Sarita who was waiting to thrash us with her words for making our uniforms according to her Dirty. For me that’s the most beautiful I ever was… Probably it was an unrealized meditation even then… The mind and heart was undoubtedly so happy that the soul started dancing to the innumerable hues.. Later the expression on paper was fearless, bold and true…. And that was the beginning of my journey…



Picture 06

 The day i was launched on earth life began … For me literally in full speed with no looking back!! Life has been so beautiful that I decided to put my thoughts on the canvas… The most colourful hues to give expression to my journey… In fact for me art is meditation, a trance that detaches me from MOH AND MAYA!! Till I work on my canvas I am like a saint and am practical to all the philosophy that I read. The moment the brush reaches in between my fingers i know its time for me to relate to God…