In Search Of Purity!!


In search of Purity!!

It will not be wrong to believe that satan and god reside together to be more precise agar bhagwaan hai to shaitaan bhi hai –in fact these characters make us realize the good and bad—and this is where the whole problem starts —the mind starts to function in speed in human species this DUAL CHARACTER is embedded  till the gravity can pull to its maximum—-In fact  this statement may not leave one stunned because this is something which is common to all knowledge holders—most humans use the satanic character to its optimum—the offshoots being hatred , jealousy ,competition ,cut throatism ,back biting  and the list could go on endlessly—this has an impact on ones behaviour it reflects on ones personality however much one may try to hide the natural high definition reflector that is our face gives away everything  only to those who are not empowered by the satanic characters —therefore —-ones true feelings are difficult to hide —the total body language reflects such notions—such kind of people are known as complexed personalities who lack confidence and gut both—-however much the negative may be powerful but not more than the positive—its the power of positive where you decide to be in a state of mind where the negative holds least importance–its a state of realization—and the whole view changes—the life becomes beautiful ,relationships become  pure FOR SURE—it becomes difficult to find faults —humbleness presides humility resides—the soul is satisfied—and the worlds become a better place to live in —-the WORLDS—meaning the mayaavi world and the heavenly world—I AM ON MY WAY—-SEARCHING FOR PURITY


About Lorraine

I am an Army wife inspired by the many challenges, adventures and journeys of my thrilling life. I lived in various parts of India- Vizak, Kanpur, Dehradun, Chandipur, Lucknow, Leh, Guhwati but to name a few. My journeys have inspired me to play with the colors and bring them to life on a canvas... My paintings are the picturization of the self, the divine and the world in between and throughout. I hope you like my paintings...

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